Prices are subject to change. Prices for existing reservations will be honored.
Reservations must be prepaid
24 hours in advance of travel.
Cancellations  require
24 hour notice; a refund will be issued in full less a processing fee of $5.
Refunds will not be issued for reservations cancelled in less then 24 hours.
Fee of
$10 will be added to the shuttle fare for "same day" reservations

2017 Sharearide Rates

* Shuttle Prices are for the following flight arrivals to Casper:
11:05 am, 12:34 pm, 4:21 pm, 4:31 pm.
Shuttle Prices for late night arrivals are as follows:
7.50 pm.
We do not currently cover the 11:05 pm flight.
Prices are one way per rider.
Children under
5 free
Shuttles to Denver, CO -
$150 per rider one way. (Minimum 10 riders)
Shuttles to Salt Lake, UT -
$130 per rider one way. (Minimum 10 riders)

* Delayed Flights *
The bus will wait up to 1 hour for delayed flights, without additional charges. After that, if the bus can wait, passengers will be charged
$ 25.00 per hour for standing by.


ShareAride Wyoming LLC
Phone 307-696-6116
Hours: Monday
- Friday 8am-5pm (mountain time)
Please make reservations at least 72 hours in advance
otherwise they are subject to availability.